The Crisis Continues, and So Does Our Support


Over the past two weeks, the dedicated staff and volunteers from JRNU have continued to support Ukrainians around the country, ensuring the young and old receive whatever it is they need most. From emergency surgery in Odessa, to counseling sessions in Pervomaysk, English lessons in Odessa, hot meals in Khmelnytskyi, and medicine in Zakarpattia, we ensure no one is forgotten. With your help we continue to save lives and restore hope.

Together, we Can Save Lives and Restore Hope!

Shlomo Peles
Executive Director
Rabbi Shmuel Kaminezki
Dnipro, Ukraine
Rabbi Pinchas Vishedsky
Kyiv, Ukraine
Rabbi Moshe Moskovitz
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Rabbi Shlomo Wilhelm
Zhitomir, Ukraine
Rabbi Avraham Wolff
Odessa, Ukraine