Teen Retreat Rejuvenates and Inspires

JUNE 28TH 2024

Dozens of boys and girls from all over Ukraine gathered for an educational and celebratory retreat, concluding a full year of Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparations.

The festive event, held in the town of Medzhybizh, was organized by the EnerJew youth organization and sponsored by JRNU, thanks to generous donors. In the year leading up to the gathering, Bar and Bat Mitzvah teens met with their local rabbis each week, studying and preparing. Every participant demonstrated their knowledge and understanding and were presented with individual gifts: the boys received tefillin and the girls received silver Shabbat candlesticks.

“The event was unique,” says Rabbi Menachem Glitzenshtein, Chief Rabbi of Chernivtsi. “There were boys and girls here from all over Ukraine, even from front-line cities. Amid the crisis, many of the participants are separated from their friends, having relocated to safer cities. This celebration gave them great joy.”

Rabbi Simcha Levenhartz from Kyiv adds, “Every moment of the retreat was utilized. The smiles on their faces at the end of Shabbaton illustrated the success of the retreat. They all left very united and strengthened.”

The children of Ukraine have endured unimaginable traumas over the last two years. Events such as this are important to help address their fear, stress, loneliness and uncertainty. We continually strive to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the people of Ukraine, from the very young to the very old.

With your help we continue to save lives and restore hope.

Together, we Save Lives and Restore Hope!

Shlomo Peles
Executive Director
Rabbi Shmuel Kaminezki
Dnipro, Ukraine
Rabbi Pinchas Vishedsky
Kyiv, Ukraine
Rabbi Moshe Moskovitz
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Rabbi Shlomo Wilhelm
Zhitomir, Ukraine
Rabbi Avraham Wolff
Odessa, Ukraine