Orphanage Provides Refuge For Two More Children In Need

MARCH 27TH 2024

This week the Mishpacha Children’s Home and Orphanage in Odesa welcomed two young siblings who were suffering from malnutrition. The mother, a single parent, brought her children to Rabbi Avraham Wolff, the Chief Rabbi of Odesa and Southern Ukraine, and his wife Chaya, who together manage the orphanage that is home to 125 children. The mother had been struggling for some time to provide adequate food for the little boy and girl, aged 3 ½ and 1 ½, respectively. The situation had deteriorated to the point where the Ukrainian Ministry of Welfare was poised to remove the children, had it not been for the intervention of Rabbi Wolff and his wife.

“The mother was truly in a dire state,” explained Rabbi Wolff. “One of the children is in very poor health, which led us to the decision to assign him a medical nurse until noticeable improvement is seen.”

Rabbi Wolff and his wife have taken care of the orphans throughout the ongoing crisis, including moving them to Germany shortly after the invasion. Last year the orphanage returned to Odesa and moved into a new building in the city center, that includes a school and offers a variety of enrichment programs throughout the day.

Over the past two years, the orphanage has been home to an increasing number of children, as many parents struggle for basic survival.

We continue to support the children and many of the parents in hopes that one day they can be reunited and live together as a family. In the meantime, Mishpacha provides a warm and loving environment, where children receive an education and proper care.

With your support, we continue to save lives and restore hope.

Together, we Save Lives and Restore Hope!

Shlomo Peles
Executive Director
Rabbi Shmuel Kaminezki
Dnipro, Ukraine
Rabbi Pinchas Vishedsky
Kyiv, Ukraine
Rabbi Moshe Moskovitz
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Rabbi Shlomo Wilhelm
Zhitomir, Ukraine
Rabbi Avraham Wolff
Odessa, Ukraine